Not All Taglines Can Be Winners

A list of taglines that we considered, though ultimately rejected, for clients, edited to be about us instead.
Leopold Ketel: Accept the unknowable
LK: Surpass the infinite
LK: Square the circle
LK: See through concrete
LK: We know where wind lives
LK: Touch the face of God
Rend the Veil. Leopold Ketel.
Suppose truth were a woman? Find out more at
Hear the color red. Leopold Ketel
“Like” us on Facebook and see how you will die! Leopold Ketel
How much is too much? Leopold Ketel
Seven deadly sins and one great production manager! Leopold Ketel
Respect is built of both love and fear. So is Leopold Ketel.
Unendurable sensation by Leopold Ketel.
Baptism by Terror: Leopold Ketel
Leopold Ketel: Everything, forever