Oregon Humane Society

The Challenge: Shelters are perceived as a sad place where animals are imprisoned, waiting for a home. Further, shelters often use guilt to attempt to bring in potential adopters to “save the animals.” The Oregon Humane Society is a happy place where animals are treated with respect and love. How can we project that vision?

Insight:  People will respond to positive, life-affirming messages that appeal to their inherent self-interest. Instead of saving animals, let’s turn it around and save ourselves from a life of “petlessness.”

Big idea:  Objective: Increase adoptions of dogs, cats and small animals; increase awareness of Oregon Humane Society; increase donations to OHS.

The Work: The optimistic campaign message, “End Petlessness,” features fun illustrations celebrating humans and their furry soul mates. LK uses outdoor, broadcast TV, cinema advertising and digital media, and we work with the in-house OHS team to coordinate social media.

Results:  Adoption rates that are among the highest in the country with dogs at 99% and cats at a remarkable 96%. For perspective, the national averages are, respectively, 25% and 20%. There is a wait list to volunteer at OHS. Donations have never been higher. Our media added-value is worth an additional 100% of the buy.