Oregon Public Broadcasting

The Challenge: After years of brand stagnancy, OPB was ready to refresh their brand.

Insight: Oregonians like to be engaged in civic life and thoughtful discussion. The relationship between OPB and Oregonians is fostered by “active participation.”

Big Idea: The NPR affiliate wanted to connect with a younger audience and better reflect the unique curiosity, intelligence and thoughtfulness that defines Oregonians.

The Work: OPB declared that they are the media source for people who like to think. The redesigned logos are bright and cheery and thematically tied to the colors of Oregon itself. We used television, print and outdoor advertising that made people think — “Ever get a song stuck in your head? Try an idea. OPB.”

Results:  OPB enjoyed a record membership drive, a focused internal audience who warmly embraced the brand and the successful launch of “Think Out Loud,” a show we conceived and named. “Think Out Loud” has since become OPB’s signature show.