Planned Parenthood

The Challenge:  One of Planned Parenthood’s goals is to reach out to young adult women as a reproductive health resource. Yet the organization is perceived as a last-resort clinic.

Insight:  This audience responds best to open, honest communication about sexuality. Even though the topic is critically important, it’s OK to talk about it in a way that acknowledges that it feels uncomfortable to discuss seriously. Awkward, silly humor that informs is much more likely to stick and spread than another fear-mongering brochure.

Big idea:  Establish Planned Parenthood as the organizational equivalent of your smart, understanding and helpful aunt. Make it a place teenagers feel comfortable with and welcome to turn to when they need help but may feel reluctant to seek.

The Work: The resulting campaign, “Take Care Down There,” used cheeky ads in alternative publications, bus stops, bus sides and restroom media to direct young adults to the clinics and to the website, At the site, one sees humorous videos on reproductive health that don’t talk down to our audience.

Results:  The website received 60,000 hits in one day, over 100,000 visits in a single weekend and more than 1,500 linking sites. The website and videos were featured on, Fox TV, Gawker blogs and was even hailed by VH1’s Best Week Ever as “totally rad.”