Why is the Platypus the best example for marketing success?

The platypus is a seemingly impossible creature. When first reported in 1759 that an egg-laying mammal with webbed feet, beaver body and a duck bill was found in Australia, Englishmen thought the news to be a hoax. And that’s part of the fun (that and saying the word duck-billed platypus) of thinking about this unlikely Frankenstein of a creature. But what if we told you that the platypus is a great example of marketing genius?

The platypus demonstrates three key concepts of marketing:

• It’s creative. It takes two unlikely ideas, mashes them together into a fresh new concept. The platypus is unique and memorable.

• It’s strategic. The platypus has a finely defined niche and has survived for millions of years. It is positioned for success.

• It defends its territory. The platypus sports deadly venomous spurs on its feet. It will challenge predators to overcome them.

As a marketing mascot, the improbably cute duck-billed platypus is perfect. To which we have to say: What’s your platypus?