Tillamook Cheese

Campaign: Equate tasty goodness with love

The Challenge: Tillamook is the #1 natural cheese brand in the West. Our challenge was to justify Tillamook’s price premium when compared to its largest competitors – Kraft and private labels.

Insight: There is already a strong correlation in people’s minds between higher prices and better taste; we just had to make taste emotionally resonant.

Big Idea: Invoke a brand spirit that is playful and optimistic to correlate with the giddy love audiences have for Tillamook Cheese.

The Work: Oregonians already know that Tillamook cheese is special, worthy of nostalgia, something you miss when you are away. So we decided to tell that to the rest of the country. We cast the uniquely shaped Tillamook Baby Loaf as the catalyst of love between brothers, neighbors and teenagers. Each execution tells the story of love enabled by Tillamook and creates an emotional value around taste.

In addition to traditional print advertising, the campaign spurred a handshake marketing effort that included mini VW buses painted to look like the iconic baby loaf.

Results: Our initial efforts led to a 16% sales increase and subsequent interactive work has resulted in click-through rates over four times higher than industry standards. Tillamook continues to grow into new markets and is accepted due to the playful, optimistic personality we developed.