Over the course of our 20+ years, we’ve recognized that our work, while focused on strategy and creativity, has created spectacular results for our clients.

Today there are many accelerator projects in Portland, and we’ve participated in a few — Portland Ten, Greater Portland Inc. and the Nike Accelerator project among them. Along the way, we’ve realized that what we’ve done to transform brands like OPB, Tillamook Cheese, Pendleton Whisky and the Oregon Humane Society is what an accelerator project should do.

So we’ve created our very own accelerator.

Each year, we will choose an Oregon business to transform and accelerate. We will donate $10,000 to $25,000 of our time with at least an equal matching amount from our chosen partner, profit or nonprofit. Barter and trade will also be accepted. What we are looking for is to support and grow great Oregon brands.

We are currently looking for the next partner to accelerate!

Our mission is to use our powers for good. We want to help grow Oregon business. Join us in that endeavor.

Jerry Ketel and team
[email protected]