Leopold Ketel is proudly a Portland Oregon advertising agency. Our fair city has a long history as a creative hub. Even if it wasn’t well known until more recently. We enjoy the creativity Portland gives to its citizens and we want to be part of the conversation. We love to work for great Portland and Oregon companies, be they for-profits or non-profits. We simply enjoy our community and want to serve with our skills and talents the best way that we can. We celebrate creativity and community. 


Leopold Ketel was formed on July 1, 1996, with a simple goal: to create and execute beautiful ideas and concepts for organizations and companies who make our world better. Founded by Portland advertising vets Jerry Ketel, Jaime Leopold and Terra Spencer, LK has since distinguished itself as one of Portland’s most creative agencies.

We specialize in bold, optimistic and bright identity campaigns for Oregon companies.

We are a full-service advertising agency, providing a full range of creative, planning and consultation services. LK offers strategic communication planning, creative services, web design, media planning, public relations to leverage earned media, social media outreach and, when it feels appropriate, catchy jingles.


Our firm is currently managed by Terra Spencer. She was recognized by the Portland Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Outstanding Leaders just a few short years ago. Terra has also been awarded Portland Monthly’s Light A Fire Award for distinguished contributions to Portland area non-profits. The agency has also been recognized as an exceptional woman-lead company in the Portland metropolitan area.

Jerry Ketel is our Creative Director. He has been recognized in his career as a designer, art director, creative director, and copywriter by a number of prestigious award shows and publications, including Communication Arts, Print Magazine, Archive, Graphis, The One Show, The British Design and Art Director’s Annual, The Webbys, The Effies, The Radio Mercury Awards, and many others. But the most satisfying reward he has come to appreciate is collaborating with his clients to create long-lasting results. 

Our namesake and Grand-daddy founder, Jaime Leopold retired in 2002 and recently passed away in the summer of 2018. He was known as a unique character in the Portland community. Once a bass player for the legendary 1970s band Dan Licks and His Hot Licks, Jaime was a shooting star in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Allen Ginsberg, Jann Wenner, and Kenneth Anger. He left the scene in the late 70s and moved to Portland, eventually creating Leopold and Ray Advertising, a precursor to Leopold Ketel & Partners. He is missed.


Think Big. Even with small budgets, big ideas can become part of popular culture and change behavior. Be a leader with a big vision—and change the conversation.

Act Human. Communication should always be human to human. All of us must act responsibly and ethically.

Expect Results. We are judged by the effectiveness of our work, and we expect the highest results from each other to achieve greatness.


Fully integrated and creative driven, Leopold Ketel is a modern Portland branding agency as well as an advertising agency. We’re lean and mean. Creative and scrappy. We provide big brand thinking for Oregon companies by offering unique solutions for your marketing problems. And we are very effective.



We are steeped in the history of advertising. From the wall posters of ancient Egypt to the “Scientific Advertising” of 1923, the “creative revolution” of the 1960’s, and the technology innovations of today. The mediums have changed over time but the principles remain the same: inform and inspire, with the goal being to effectively sell products and services to enthusiastic customers. These principals are what put us up amongst the best Portland advertising agencies.


We can partner with your marketing department to evaluate your position in the marketplace and develop communications strategies for any number of goals, including increased mission awareness, greater stakeholder participation and improved philanthropic giving. And we can translate those strategies into targeted media, creative, and public relations programs.


Our team members have worked with some of the biggest brands and most beloved non-profits, and they bring that creative expertise to you, whether your marketing plan calls for print, broadcast, collateral, direct marketing or digital design. Including ideas that transcend the medium and become part of the public consciousness. That is our ultimate goal. And it should be yours too. 


Beyond an identity design and color palette, Leopold Ketel has defined brands to help all stakeholders, from employees to the C-Suite, to your board members and your customers, understand your mission and vision so that you can sharply define your place in the market. When you can effectively tell your story, you’ll have greater influence in your industry and with consumers. And that translates to results which is why we are also such a successful Portland branding agency.


We’ve been fortunate enough to extend our love of language and archetypal mythology to include naming products, services, properties, restaurants, and even radio shows. A great name is memorable and difficult to forget. 


At the heart of great communications is graphic design. Today’s media-saturated world requires bold imagery to quickly connect on a visceral level. Our design team has an art school background with an emphasis on art history. We understand what works but also why it works. 


Our designers and developers are well versed in the intricacies of the web. We’re not building brochures for the Internet, we’re creating interactive relationship marketing. We make our web designs look good and work seamlessly from the user experience perspective. Responsive for mobile and tablet? Check. We will make the marketing funnel seem more like a slip and slide. 


When you make a website, will your customers automatically find you? We’ll help your website get viewed organically and through paid media by using search advertising, search engine optimization, and more traditional digital advertising approaches.


When it comes to getting your message across, the media you buy is as important as your advertising creative. We have full in-house media planning and buying capabilities. We foster a collaborative work environment with media and creative services working together to create thoughtful advertising campaigns. We have proven experience in creating comprehensive media plans that amplify other communication efforts, such as public relations, social marketing and internal initiatives. Media placements are negotiated to include additional advertising placements at no cost to extend the overall reach of the campaign. Our media planning process maximizes campaign impact by understanding the interrelationships between media vehicles, ensuring ad placements work together to build reach and frequency across media channels.


Do we have experience in digital advertising? You bet! We’ve placed digital display ads, retargeting ads, native advertising, Facebook and Instagram advertising, you name it. In fact, we are looking forward to more augmented reality and virtual reality opportunities in the future. We geek out on this stuff.


Our public relations professionals can extend the reach of your marketing program with targeted promotional events and news publicity. Good public relations is more than writing a press release. It’s called earned media for a reason, you have to earn the right for someone to have interest in writing your story! Our public relations professionals can extend the reach of your marketing program with targeted promotional events and news publicity. The best PR is a rifle shot instead of a shotgun effect. In addition, we’re well versed in crisis communications planning and media training. As the saying goes, “never let a crisis go to waste.” You have to plan for all contingencies and be ready to counter unflattering press.


We know the way information moves through the social network and can tailor anything from a simple status update to a full-fledged visual campaign for maximum effectiveness. We create content like information graphics, videos, and engaging posts that come from a comprehensive content strategy that will engage your customers and turn them into fans.


It’s pretty rare that a client of ours has millions of dollars to pound an idea into your brain. In the old days we called it “hammering the message with media frequency.” This is why we spend a good amount of time crafting a big idea that will capture the imagination of the public. This discipline lends itself well to creating viral concepts that take hold and are organically shared by individuals and the press. One such campaign we did for the Oregon Humane Society became an international sensation. We’ll be happy to tell you all about it.


In our industry, “contagious marketing events” have become a trend. We looked at this developing trend and decided it needed a more human element to it. Thus we developed “Handshake Marketing.” Our innovation here is that we want to engage with potential customers not just with stunt marketing and free samples, but we want to actually strike a conversation in a human way, much like you might when you meet a neighbor on the street. Tillamook Cheese and Pendleton Whisky are still using the programs we set up for them to this day. 


Although every project we undertake is different, our process always starts with developing a compelling strategy and we collaborate with our partners every step of the way. Here is how we do it.

1. Set Goals. We work with you to set achievable goals, be it sales goals, awareness goals or any other metric you might want to achieve.

2. Research and Immersion. We look at four areas.Your company, the category you are in, your customers, and the culture at large. 

3. Strategy Development. This is an important phase that helps to set the stage for creative solutions and media applications that are on target. We define the audience, create the brand story, define the brand spirit, and create the communication hierarchy. 

4. Creative Solutions. This is where the fun begins. Our solutions could include branding, advertising communications, PR plans, website design, or even product innovation and naming. 

5. Media Planning. This often runs concurrently with creative solutions. Sometimes creative drives media planning but there are times when a unique media solution can help drive creative as well. The media planning includes the media mix, budget, timing, geographic goals, tactics, and success measurement.

6. Implementation. Here is the launch phase. It may include testing and refinement, retesting and final launch. 

7. Results review. We always like to find the right time to review our results. Although we can now get real-time data on how well a campaign is working, it’s best to set a future date to review how well the team achieved its goals and how we might do better next time. There’s always room for improvement.

At each stage, you will have the opportunity to sign-in to the process. This prevents any undue surprises along the way and makes sure everything is on target.


Leopold Ketel has had an amazing string of success. We’re the only agency in the NW who helped to create a $250 million whiskey brand and made our client a multi-millionaire. We are the only agency in the United States who helped our client become the top animal shelter in the country by putting a positive spin on shelter marketing. And we’re the only agency in the Northwest to invent a new brand of “handshake marketing” that still serves a regional bank and national cheese manufacturer.

We tend to have long engagements with our clients, beating the industry average by 200%. This is because we are careful about who we partner with. We don’t want to be mere service providers but true partners who have mutual respect and and interest in deep collaboration. 

Our strengths are derived from our broad portfolio of experience, both in business to business and business to consumer marketing. If you want to create greater market share, increased sales, and greater mind-share, give us a ring. Our record of exceptional results has created a competitive mindset at Leopold Ketel. We believe we can beat anyone in the market when it comes to creating success for you.

Give us a shot and feel free to contact us here.


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Cockspur Rum

Umpqua Bank

Tillamook Cheese

Friedrich Air Conditioning

Benchmade Knife Company

Oregon Coast Aquarium


ODS Health Plans

Legacy Health System

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The City of Newport

Liberty Northwest

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