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The One Reason Nike’s Just Do It Campaign is Brilliant

There are a lot of pundits out there trying to explain Nike’s new campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. The problem with most of them is that the optics are all wrong. They are looking at it in the context of politics. But that is not why Nike and their advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy chose to […]

Farewell, Todd

We have lost another friend and colleague at Leopold Ketel. Todd Cunlisk, our Vice President, and Development Director died June 15, 2018. He was 54. Todd bravely battled a rare form of leukemia and beat it, only to succumb later to kidney failure, possibly a result of his leukemia treatment. As stated in his obituary: “Todd […]

‘Burstiness’ is the key to the most innovative teams

How do you get the best ideas out of a group? The key is a concept called Burstiness. It’s when your group creative brainstorm is bursting with ideas. Maybe people are talking over each other. It’d like a raucous family gathering. And it results in some of the best ideas in a short amount of […]

The Last Hot Lick

Jaime Leopold 1946 – 2018 Music Legend, Ad Man, and nascent Movie Star, Jamie Leopold has died. Together with Jerry Ketel, Terra Spencer, and Bob Macer he created Leopold Ketel & Partners. But Jaime had a legend behind him as a stand-up bass player for Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks. He was a raconteur […]

How to be Unignorable

We have a running joke at every agency brainstorm meeting. At the point it gets quiet, when everyone is deep in thought on how to solve a challenging marketing problem, I slap the table and say. “I’ve got it! We get a guy dressed up in a costume and have him wave a sign at […]

Do you have Infinite Game?

Most likely, you are playing a finite game. And if you are, you are short sighted. Finite games are about beating the competition. They want to end with a clear winner. Infinite games want to continue forever. They are inclusive and collaborative. They are win-win. Finite games have clear rules. You play within strict boundaries. […]

What’s Your Story?

When I was a child, around the age of one and a half, my mother would put me in a playpen while she did chores around the house. At the same time, she had the TV on for background noise. And at that time of day, she was watching soap operas. Naturally, a little boy […]

Is your brand dynamic?

Our client Omega Morgan has been with us for seven years. In that time, the company has made constant ongoing changes to serve the market. And of course, we have helped them along the way. Recently, Omega Morgan introduced a new crane service to augment their specialized heavy rigging, machinery moving, and millwright & industrial […]

Following our own advice. With Direct Mail.

Marketing agencies of all stripes implore their clients to promote, promote, promote. But few of them actually follow through on their own advice. Well, we think that’s just a little bit hypocritical. So we try to market ourselves in the most appropriate way for a consulting firm such as ours. In the past, we have sponsored […]

What is a Modern Branding Agency?

A Modern Branding Agency pays great attention to finding the core attributes of a brand by defining the essence, and then discerning how it looks, sounds, feels and even tastes across all media. This includes traditional advertising media and all forms of digital media: web, mobile, social, viral, videos, etc. We also think about how […]

Invoke the magic of marketing

Nice article in Fast Company about our favorite Portland ad agency. Here’s an excerpt: There’s been a back and forth on Fast Company of late, regarding corporate culture versus strategy. In our humble opinion, it’s neither culture nor strategy that’s important in the marketing challenge; it’s the possibility of magic. This happens fully when culture and strategy meet creative execution. We are not […]

Optimism Wins

Americans are an optimistic bunch. Our constitution codifies the pursuit of happiness as part of the American dream. Self-help books like The Power of Positive Thinking and The Happiness Project regularly dominate the New York Times bestseller list. Walt Disney took the swamplands of Orlando and made them into “The Happiest Place on Earth,” thanks […]

Lead With Vision

What makes an industry leader? Is it the top revenue generator? The social media favorite? In our humble opinion, an industry leader is one who expresses their vision for a better world and welcomes those who want to participate in it. For our partners, we offer to help them find their truth and express their vision eloquently. Done […]

Umpqua Bank

Brand Spirit: Optimism The Challenge:  People think that all banks are the same stodgy institution and that it doesn’t really matter where they keep their money. Insight:  85% of people who walk into an Umpqua store open accounts. Big Idea:  Drive people to the stores by making banking personal again. The Work:  Our work avoided the […]

Benchmade Knife Company

Brand Spirit:  Striking in their grace The Challenge:  Benchmade, a maker of premium knives, wanted to grow but was concerned that moving their production overseas would damage their reputation and sales. How do you launch a foreign-made, value-priced line of products for a premium brand without damaging the equity and prestige of the parent brand and […]

Tillamook Cheese

Campaign: Equate tasty goodness with love The Challenge: Tillamook is the #1 natural cheese brand in the West. Our challenge was to justify Tillamook’s price premium when compared to its largest competitors – Kraft and private labels. Insight: There is already a strong correlation in people’s minds between higher prices and better taste; we just had […]

Friedrich Air Conditioning

The Challenge:  Friedrich Air Conditioning is well known in New York. In the finer buildings you’ll see their window and thru-the-wall air conditioners studding high-rise apartment buildings in Manhattan. The trouble is, cheap-labor manufacturers were gaining market share based on price. Friedrich’s response was to innovate by offering a well-made, price-competitive unit with an important […]

Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Challenge:   Reverse the trend of declining attendance that started when Keiko the whale (of Free Willy fame), left in 1998. The Aquarium wasn’t able to replace the big draw of Keiko and was also challenged by being three hours away from Portland, the nearest major metropolitan area. Insight:  Kids drive family activities and parents want […]

Oregon Humane Society

The Challenge: Shelters are perceived as a sad place where animals are imprisoned, waiting for a home. Further, shelters often use guilt to attempt to bring in potential adopters to “save the animals.” The Oregon Humane Society is a happy place where animals are treated with respect and love. How can we project that vision? […]

Oregon Public Broadcasting

The Challenge: After years of brand stagnancy, OPB was ready to refresh their brand. Insight: Oregonians like to be engaged in civic life and thoughtful discussion. The relationship between OPB and Oregonians is fostered by “active participation.” Big Idea: The NPR affiliate wanted to connect with a younger audience and better reflect the unique curiosity, intelligence […]

Sketch Book

Getting away from the computer is helpful to not going crazy. Especially when you’re in front of it for 9+ hours a day. The Sketch Book represents 10-minute exercises that involve the ancient technique of doodling. In most cases they don’t involve much brain function either. They are hiccups. Or sneezes. They are the gray area between […]

Pendleton Whisky

The Challenge:  Innovation is a potential revenue stream that can easily be overlooked.  Fortunately, our client Hood River Distillers realized that new product innovation was an important growth strategy when they asked us to create a new Canadian whisky brand for them. Insight:   As we examined the category, we saw a huge opportunity — Crown […]

Planned Parenthood

The Challenge:  One of Planned Parenthood’s goals is to reach out to young adult women as a reproductive health resource. Yet the organization is perceived as a last-resort clinic. Insight:  This audience responds best to open, honest communication about sexuality. Even though the topic is critically important, it’s OK to talk about it in a way […]