Fun in the Sun

I just got back from Hawaii and boy are my arms tired…

The Sound


Look who’s back in town


It’s sprung

Doodlin’ in a meeting

Doodlers are more engaged during a meeting and retain more information. Especially when the meeting is boring. Here’s proof.


It ain’t easy being Biz Bot

Dr. Leopold Ketel

The name Leopold Ketel sounds like it could be the name of a doctor or lawyer. So I went with the former in a montage of different doctors Leopold Ketel might be.


In honor of Pearl Jams 10th studio album heres one from the past:)

Big Hair

Ignatius J. Reilly

A Conspiracy of Dunces anyone?


Ah, yes, the work week begins with a bang.

Sketch Book

Getting away from the computer is helpful to not going crazy. Especially when you’re in front of it for 9+ hours a day. The Sketch Book represents 10-minute exercises that involve the ancient technique of doodling. In most cases they don’t involve much brain function either. They are hiccups. Or sneezes. They are the gray area between thinking and doing. Most of these doodles start out as a line on a page and become something bigger.

But mostly they are a remedy from the crazies.