Paul Barasch

Paul is one the most energetic people you’ll ever meet.

When he’s not at LK crunching numbers you’ll find him getting fit with his trainer, spending time at his house in Bend and enjoying the good life.

Jeremy Bolesky

Jeremy ended up here by accident, sort of. He graduated from Wheaton College with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and English. After graduation, he offered to help a friend of a friend use Freehand for a few days. A few days turned into a few years, and a few years turned into a career in graphics. Jeremy started his own graphic production and design business and permanently cemented his nickname by calling it Jerm, LLC. After too much paperwork and too many all-nighters, Jerm ended up as a professor at Chemeketa Community College, but kept freelancing. Leopold Ketel was his favorite freelance gig, and when the chance came up to get a full-time job here, Jerm jumped.

Jeremy works on Flash animations, photo illustration, and oversees new media production. In his off time, he enjoys skiing and woodworking.