Following our own advice. With Direct Mail.

Marketing agencies of all stripes implore their clients to promote, promote, promote. But few of them actually follow through on their own advice. Well, we think that’s just a little bit hypocritical. So we try to market ourselves in the most appropriate way for a consulting firm such as ours. In the past, we have sponsored drivetime on OPB radio, participated in trade shows, used digital display advertising, hosted open house events, gave speaking engagements, told stories in the press, and we’ve even decorated the front of our building (which may have given us the best results so far). For 2017 we are initiating a direct mail campaign. Why? Because it cuts through the clutter. It turns out people like getting something in the mail—as long as it is an entertaining and thought-provoking piece. What we created was a mailer that challenges our prospects to be “Unignorable.” The piece itself is unignorable because it highlights a few of our greatest successes and we personalized the mailer each time. We expect great results.

For more on the efficacy of direct mail, check out this link. It really works.

“We Don’t Judge You, We Just Take Care of You” Campaign Rolls Out, Features Former Portland Mayoral Candidate

Young adults today are being inundated with information as the landscape of health insurance coverage evolves. This flood of information can be hard to navigate, as information seems to change almost daily.

One thing that is not changing is the trusted partner they can find for their sexual and reproductive health care. The latest campaign for Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette (PPCW) specifically targets young adults who would like to plan ahead and ensure they are taking the very best care of their reproductive health.

“We Don’t Judge You, We Just Take Care of You”, the latest PPCW campaign rolled out by Leopold Ketel integrates TV, print, digital and outdoor media, as well as unconventional advertising in order to reach the young adults in the Oregon and Southwest Washington area.


A highlight of the video/commercial campaign is the inclusion of 2012 Portland mayoral candidate, Cameron Whitten, who is featured in the video/commercial for PPCW. Well known in the Portland-area, Whitten is a formerly homeless, African American youth and social justice activist, who is much admired for his empowering of marginalized communities and working for the reversal of stereotypes and social injustice.

Leopold Ketel was founded in 1996 and that same year relocated to the Old Railway Building in downtown Portland. A full-service marketing firm, LK’s expertise is in advertising, design, media planning and buying, public relations and promotion marketing. For more information, visit or call 503-295-1918.