What we do

Fully integrated and creative driven, Leopold Ketel is a modern branding agency. We’re lean and mean. Creative and scrappy. We provide big brand thinking for Oregon companies by offering unique solutions for your marketing problems. And we are very effective.

Our areas of expertise:


More than just a logo and color scheme, Leopold Ketel has consulted on naming and defining brands to help employees and customers understand your vision and benefit to all your stakeholders. When you have a clearly defined position in the marketplace and can effectively tell your story, you’ll have greater influence.


We can partner with your marketing department to evaluate your position in the marketplace and develop communications strategies for any number of goals, including increased mission awareness, greater stakeholder participation and improved philanthropic giving. And we can translate those strategies into targeted media, creative, and public relations programs.


Our team members have worked with some of the biggest brands and most beloved non-profits, and they bring that creative expertise to you, whether your marketing plan calls for print, broadcast, collateral, direct marketing or digital design.


Our designers are well versed in the intricacies of the web. It’s not just print work on the Internet; it’s interactive relationship marketing. We make our web designs look good and work well.


If you launch it will they come? Not necessarily. We help your website get viewed organically and through paid media by using search advertising and more traditional digital advertising approaches.


When it comes to getting your message across, the media you buy is as important as your ad- vertising’s creative. We have in-house media planning and buying capabilities.

We foster a collaborative work environment with media and creative services working together to create thoughtful advertising campaigns. We have proven experience in creating comprehensive media plans that amplify other communication efforts, such as public relations, social marketing and internal initiatives. Media placements are negotiated to include additional advertising placements at no cost to extend the overall reach of the campaign. Our media planning process maximizes campaign impact by understanding the interrelationships between media vehicles, ensuring ad placements work together to build reach and frequency across media channels.


Our public relations professionals can extend the reach of your marketing program with targeted promotional events and news publicity. Good public relations is more than writing a press release. Our public relations professionals can extend the reach of your marketing program with targeted promotional events and news publicity. In addition, we’re well versed in crisis communications planning and media training.


We know the way information moves through the social network and can tailor anything from a simple status update to a full-fledged visual campaign for maximum viral effectiveness. We’ve landed our clients’ social media-based projects in everything from People Magazine to Good Morning America and the Today Show.